Patterns & Practices Webcasts ... I was looking for a list like that...

I was looking for a list of all Pag's webcasts, somewhere I could point a client and tell him here you can surf and learn good stuff...

I couldn't find such a list ... so i've decided to create my own list :-)

The list was generated for Microsoft website where you can find a large library of On-Demand Webcasts (Recorded webcasts)

Test Driven Development
New Developments and Releases
Introducing the GAPP – Guidance About patterns & practices
Managing Performance Risks with Performance Modeling
Powered by LogicLibrary Logidex
p&p Update
.Net Enterprise Solution Patterns
Integration Patterns
New Developments and Releases
Smart Client Offline Application Block
Writing Optimized Managed Code
Organizing and Testing Enterprise Solution Patterns

Authorization Block
Logging Block
Asynchronous Invocation Block
Service Patterns

J2EE Interoperability

Web Services Interoperability Profile 1.0
User Interface Process Application Block
Distributed Systems Patterns
Testing Framework
Shadowfax Reference Application

Improving .NET Applications Performance and Scalability
.NET Data Access Patterns and Best Practices
MVC (Web Presentation Cluster)
Exception Mgmt in .NET
Broadcast from the PDC

Patterns and Practices Overview
ASP.NET Security
Using Enterprise Solution Patterns in Microsoft .NET Development
Patterns and Practices

If you'll find pag's webcast that is not on the list let me know and i'll add it.



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