Erland Sommarskog's - Texts on SQL

After my last post I took a closer look at Erland Sommarskog home page and found some other articles worth reading :

  • The curse and blessings of dynamic SQL. How you use dynamic SQL, when you should - and when you should not
  • Arrays and Lists in SQL Server. Several methods on how to pass an array of values from a client to SQL Server, and performance data about the methods.
  • Dynamic Search Conditions. How to write a stored procedure that permits users to select among many search conditions, using both dynamic and static SQL.
  • Implementing Error Handling with Stored Procedures and Error Handling in SQL Server – a Background. Two articles on error handling in SQL Server. I have split the topic on two articles, so if you only want to learn how to implement your error handling you can start there. The background article is more of interest to intermediate and advanced SQL users. Both articles also cover ADO and ADO .Net.
  • How to share data between stored procedures. Different ways of passing sets of data between stored procedures.
  • Ohad.

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