Freeware SQL-Server administration tool

Visendo SQL-Admin is a free replacement for the Enterprise Manager of the MS SQL-Server. If you try to install MS SQL-Server on Windows 2003 Server Web-Edition it doesn't work. Installing databases is denied. But you are allowed to install the MSDE (desktop engine). To administrate this, you need an additional tool because you also can't install the MS SQL-Server administration tools.

The solution is Visendo SQL-Admin. With this freeware tool which is built on the .NET Platform, you can administrate your SQL-Server or MSDE very comfortable.

SQL-Admin Features:

- Create databases
- Delete databases
- Backup databases
- Restore databases
- Detach databases
- Attach databases
- Add SQL users
- Remove SQL users
- Add windows accounts
- Remove windows accounts
- Create tables
- Delete tables
- Open/view tables
- Modify table data
- Create views
- Delete views
- Open/view views
- Edit view data
- Create stored procedures
- Delete stored procedures
- Edit stored procedures
- Sql query tool included

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