SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services For The Impatient

Kent Tegels gave a talk to the Kansas City .NET Special Interest Group titled 
"SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services For The Impatient"

In his talk you can find the following table :
                   RS vs. Crystal Reports vs. Business Objects


Services (RS)
Reports (CR)
Enterprise (CE)
On-demand, Web-Based Report rendering
On-demand report rendering in fat client apps
Back-end for CR, scheduled and pre-cache
“Sweet Spots”
Web based reporting with low cost and rapid rollout
Integration with custom thin or fat client applications
Optimized for OLAP and Analytic uses


Licensing cost
Tried and true, well known tool
Ad-hoc and scheduled reports
“Sour Spots”
Integration with fat client applications
“CR” way of doing things
Licensing cost


Report designer is Visual Studio.NET
Licensing cost
Deployment and administration complexity

Check out his full powerpoint slides and demos over here


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