FlexWiki Shared Source Licensing Program

FlexWiki is a new .NET implementation of the Web-based authoring tool known as Wiki.

The FlexWiki Shared Source toolset provides a way for Windows developers to deliver collaborative web authoring environments and allows those developers to establish web-based communities (on their intranets or on the Internet) to enable collaboration on the software they develop.

FlexWiki provides the following benefits:

  • Standard editing, quick hyper-linking, and table generation.
  • Support for federation and multiple namespaces.
  • Full topic search and back link referencing.
  • Easy integration with search engines.
  • Dynamic content generation using the WikiTalk scripting language.
  • Archive functionality for page history and linking to specific historical page versions.
  • Really Simple Syndication (RSS), feed aggregation and other forms of notification when a Wiki changes.
  • Easy to extend with.NET languages through integration with WikiTalk

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Microsoft Releases FlexWiki Source Code

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