Software Factories Seminar

Microsoft Israel hosted today a Software Factories Seminar by Beat Schwegler & Ingo Rammer, during the seminar Ingo demonstrated a cool DSL for managing the UIP Application Block and helping in defining the horrible xml configuration of the UIP using DSL state charts. The talk also featured the Guidance Automation Toolkit which it indeed a cool tool.

The guys agreed that I will video tape them and I did :-)

All the video taping that I’ve been recording lately among other Architectural stuff will be hosted in a new Israel Architects website which is currently being build by me and some other members of the Israel Architect’s Council.

If you haven’t been in the seminar or would like to watch it again the guys gave a similar  seminar in Helsinki on the 24th of January and its streaming is available online.

1. Software Factories – Today & Tomorrow ( 1h 46m 31s )

2. Software Factories Today  ( 1h 15m 33s )

3. Software Factory to Build Factories ( 1h 8m 14s )

4. Using Software Factories ( 1h 9m 11s )

5. Defining & Building Software Factories ( 1h 31m 35s )

Some more links to Software Factories & DSL:

Jack Greenfield Video Talk on Software Factories and DSLs – Jack is the writer of the Software Factories Book

Slides from Ingo & Beat talk in the Architect Forum at Dublin

DSL Tools

Guidance Automation Toolkit

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