Windows Vista to Upgrade or Not

For some time now I've been thinking if to upgrade my system to Vista or not...
Last night I've decided its time to make the move, following is my opinion on my
personal Vista RC2 Migration.

1. Two hours after the installation been enough to get 2 blue screens, getting stuck with 3 times reboot one after the other.

2. Its hard to find Anti Virus app for vista... and yep I used the wizard which supplied by Microsoft only to find out that Trend Micro PC-Cillin sucked Vista and I had to press the reset button.

3. Checkpoint Secure Remote VPN is not compatible with Vista which leaves me with the only possible option of using Virtual Machine to access my VPN resources.

4. Firefox running much much better then IE7 on vista :)

5. Sql Server 2005 won't Install on Vista and SQL express has the same warning of the requirement of SQL SP2 to be installed... the only prob is that There Isn't SQL SP2 Yet !

6. Visual Studio 2005 take much longer to install on Vista then it used to be on XP or win2003.

7. I like it that when some app can't install or crash Vista there is a wizard which checks if there is currently a solution for this problems ... pity that most of the stuff that I ran into don't have a solution yet.

8. Refactor! Pro for Visual Studio v2.0.4 is not usable under Visual Studio 2005 on Vista :(
    Beware... you can install it but it very hard to remove it as you get lots of internal errors.

I will continue this list... for a while I will keep Vista running on my desktop while the real working machine (My laptop) will keep running Win2003 Server ed. (The most stable env for developers)

I really hope that from RC2 to the release the issues will be solved.

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