Speaking at Seattle .NET Developers Association

I'll be spending the last 2 weeks of August out in Redmond and I am starting it off by doing the main presentation at the Seattle .NET Developers Association VB meeting on August 23 (at the Microsoft campus).  Here are the details:


ADO.NET: Lessons learned with 1.1 and coming attractions in 2.0 
In the first hour of this session, we will take an in-depth look and demo many practical and advanced features and programming techniques in ADO.NET. For example: multi-table operations, pessimistic locking techniques, optimistic locking, concurrency conflict detection and resolution, and controlling the XML format of the DataSet. In the next half-hour of this session we will discuss and demo some of the new features of ADO.NET 2.0.

If you are around, please stop by and say Hi !


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