My Presentations at TechEd US 2005

This year I'll be doing 2 sessions at TechEd US.  I'll also be spending some time at the cabanas, product booths, and Ask The Experts.  And of course, GrokTalk.  If you are in Orlando, please stop by and say Hi !

Here are the details of the  2 sessions:

DAT382  Database Application Quick Start with SQL Server Express and Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 2005

Speaker(s): Jack Goldstein
Session Type(s): Breakout Sessions
Track(s): Database Development
Day/Time: Monday, June 6 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM Room: S 210 E
Do you want to start quickly developing WinForms-based database applications? Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 Express is a great new combination that has lots of new features and tools to allow you to very quickly build "bread and butter" database applications. Rather than digging into any particular technology, this session walks you through the process of building a small, but representative application, introducing you to the tools and techniques you'll use to be productive right from the beginning. This includes installing and administering the database with the Express Manager, designing and implementing DataSet-bound forms, and generating reports with SQL Server Reporting Services.
BOF019  What are Microsoft Patterns and Practices and Why Should I Care?
Speaker(s): Jack Goldstein
Session Type(s): Birds of a Feather
Day/Time: Tuesday, June 7 7:45 PM - 8:45 PM Room: Track Cabana 16
The Microsoft Patterns and Practices effort is an invaluable resource for developing and maintaining your new and existing applications. The purpose of this discussion is two-fold - (1) to expose attendees to elements of the Patterns and Practices effort that they may not be familiar with yet and (2) To have developers who are already using or evaluating some of these elements share their experiences and point out key benefits and potential pitfalls.

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