Microsoft Office Information Bridge Framework 1.0 - Updates

There's a fix for a known problem in IBF, get it here.

"In Microsoft Office Information Bridge Framework Server 1.0 there is a bug that prevents the sequential execution of operation instances that call an assembly when the location is specified as a URL in the port such as http://server/assembly.dll. The first operation instance call is successful, but subsequent operation instance calls fail. This does not impact operation instances whose path in the port is specified with a UNC path. This update provides a fix for this bug."

By the way, if you want to know what will be in the next version of IBF (version 1.5), check out Patrick's blog entry. I've seen some 1.5 stuff too, it looks pretty cool! Expect a lot of wizards and templates that will create VS.NET projects for you, based on the meta data. Additionally the IBF task pane will be available in InfoPath and Internet Explorer.

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