Learning 24/7...

The people that probably know the most are also the ones trying hardest to learn.

Think about this sentence by posted by Darell Norton. I was amazed nobody ever said this before. It's like searching for your glasses while you're having them on your nose! I'm not pretending that I know a lot, but I do try to learn a lot. In my opinion learning is not only about reading very complex articles written by very intelligent people (although you can and will learn a lot of them), but also to be open to opinions, thoughts, reasoning, ... of maybe less experienced people. You can even learn of other people's mistakes. I answered quite a lot posts on forums, very simple questions and some rather complex ones, they all taught me how other people think. You can use that knowledge when writing articles, giving presentations, ... to warn people which mistakes are made and how to avoid them. Anyway, learning 24/7 about .NET, trying to know a lot, is great!

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