[OT] 5 * 3 * 2007

Yves has passed me this little stick...

  • 3 artists I (re)discovered this year:
  • 3 things I won't forget:
    • Becoming the father of my beautiful daugher Fran.
    • Visiting Sowetho (township in Johannesburg, South Africa) The feeling I got after visiting a two weeks old baby and her mother (my wife was still pregnant at that time) in Sowetho, and driving back to my fancy five-star hotel was devastating ... the world is not fair.
    • A smile makes you forget sleepless nights.
  • 3 stupid things I did in 2007:
    • I stopped blogging on this site (more or less) ... now it's really hard to get motivated again.
    • I stopped my 365 project (take and publish one photo a day for one year). I have take a picture almost every day in 2007, but I didn't publish them.
    • I didn't "safely remove" a USB hard disk from my computer and lost some data. Windows complained about the drive still being in use, I didn't trust Windows, but Windows was right this time.
  • 3 thing I'm proud of:
    • I'm very proud of my daugther every time she learns something new, she is so intelligent.
    • I'm proud of the presentation I did with my buddy Patrick at TechEd, Barcelona (AJAX and SilverLight in SharePoint).
    • I'm proud of some photos I took. I don't pretend I'm a good photographer, but photography is becoming addictive and some people tell me they like the pictures I take.
  • 3 things I bought or received as a present:
    • The Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens. I recommend every photographer to get a fast lens (big aperture, allows lots of light to enter the lens). This is my favorite lens, you can't zoom with it (it's a prime), but you can take pictures when it's near dark (without flash).
    • A ticket to go to the Urbanus tribute concert (he is a famous Belgian comedian).
    • And of course the most precious gift of my wife: our daughter (including all the love, joys, laughs, tears etc that came with her).
  • 3 people who will get this stick (if there are still some people who read this blog?):

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