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  • [Java] New versions of Eclipse and Lomboz

    New versions of Eclipse (3.0) and Lomboz (3rc2) "forced" me to update the walkthrough / getting started I have written. If you're a Java jockey looking for one of the (IMHO) best free Java IDEs out there with pretty good support for J2EE, debugging and ANT, the article may help you.

    Note that the latest version of Lomboz that runs with Eclipse 3.0 needs the EMF plugin.

  • [Books] Test-Driven Development in Microsoft .NET?

    I was thinking of buying the book "Test-Driven Development in Microsoft .NET", but is it a good idea when you look at what's coming in VS.NET 2005? I guess the way we do and run (unit) testing will change a bit with the great tools shipped with VS.NET 2005...

    Maybe the book is good reading anyway?

  • Re-throwing exceptions

    Brad Wilson wrote a short thing on re-throwing exceptions that I like:

    What bugs me is that "throw exception;" line. In my mind, that code is always wrong, because it throws away valuable information. It's not your exception, but you're "laying claim" to it by pushing in your own stack trace, killing the potentially valuable information in the original stack trace

    Read the full post (it's a short one).

  • [Java] Done with Java for a while

    Three days ago we released a pilot system based on Vignette Application Portal and it seems to hold up pretty well even though we have ripped out and replaced most of stuff that has to do with login, navigation and page/portlet display :)

    The most complex part of the portal is the automatic creation of user accounts and silent login. With the help of the NTLM servlet filter from the jcifs package, the system extracts the user's Windows username and domain and is automatically logged into the portal. For first time users we extract required fields like first name, last name and e-mail address from our internal LDAP directory and then create the account in the portal. Would have been quite a bit easier if this was a system running on the Microsoft platform but thanks to jcifs it works pretty well. If anyone wants to know how it's done, just contact me.

    This is my last day before vacation, and after the summer it looks like I'll be going back to work with .NET stuff again. After messing around with Notepad and loads of xml files and property files and open source packages from all over the Internet and Java apps that consume every bit of physical memory my laptop has, it sure feels good with vacation. Not that I don't like Notepad or open source, it's just that I'm getting older and like comfortable coding environments, like VS.NET ;)