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  • [Java] Lomboz Stable Build: S-3.1RC2

    From the ObjectWeb Lomboz site. Seems that ObjectWeb has created a better Lomboz install package:

    Lomboz Complete (All-in-one) Installation
    The Lomboz Project focuses on a prodiving an easy install J2EE IDE tool that is prepackaged with all the necessary plugins that you can start using immediately in one package. Due to its content, this package can take a long time to download. It includes eclipse sdk 3.1, emf, gef, jem, wtp and lomboz all together. Dowaload it and you can get started right away.

  • [Vista] Vista on VPC Cont.

    I forgot to mention that I got Vista installed properly in the end - thanks to a few good blog posts out there. Basically - install Vista and end up with the terrible 4 bit graphics, start the installations of the additions and run it until it hangs near the end, go into the hardware drivers manager and just disable/remove the VGA display driver, restart and voilĂ  - you got beautiful S3 graphics!

    Note though that it is terribly, terribly slow, even if you got a gig of memory and a 3+ Ghz proc. I guess it's faster if you do a real install instead of VPC, but I don't want to ruin my current XP install. I wonder if the MS peep on the PCD were actually running the same Vista bits, coz their Vista-on-VPC where definitely running way faster than anything I've managed to install. 

  • [Vista] Installing Vista on VPC... ZZzzzzzz.....

    It took ages to install Vista on my VPC and som hassle getting past the disk formatting. Now I've tried to install the additions to it, and it has been running for some 3 hours. I wonder if it has stuck somewhere. Perhaps time to look at some of the Vista/VPC blogs out there....

    Also need to do something about the display drivers. The supplied drivers did of course not work. I manged to get win2k drivers working on an older Longhorn installation, so I'll see if I can do the same trick again - download driver installation pack - unpack all the files from the cab/exe and point the driver install wizard at the unpacked files - install, reboot and hope for the best :D