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  • Set focus on a clicked control in ASP.NET

    Jan-Erik just blogged about how to set focus on a clicked control in an ASP.NET page. Sometimes you need to do that if the page you have is very, very long or if you have a list with vertical controls and you want to put focus on the clicked control after a postback. One way of doing it is to set focus in each and every control event (button1_clicked, button2_clicked) and so on. But what Jan-Erik is looking for is to put the focus-code in one place only.

    Jan-Erik thought that his solution was a bit hacky and asked for another way of doing it, and I think I have a pretty simple one. The trick is to override the OnBubbleEvent() and check who the sender is. This seems to work pretty well:

    protected override bool OnBubbleEvent(object sender, EventArgs e)


               if(sender is Button ||

                          sender is ImageButton)


                          WebControl webControl = (WebControl)sender;

                          Debug.WriteLine("Clicked " + webControl.ClientID);

                          StringBuilder sb = GetFocusScriptBlock(webControl);

                          RegisterClientScriptBlock("FocusScript", sb.ToString());


               return base.OnBubbleEvent(sender, e);



    private static StringBuilder GetFocusScriptBlock(WebControl webControl)


               StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder(1000);

               sb.Append("<script language = \"javascript\">");

               sb.Append("function ControlFocus() {");

               sb.Append("document.getElementById('" + webControl.ClientID + "').focus();");


               sb.Append(String.Concat(Environment.NewLine, Environment.NewLine, "window.onload = ControlFocus;"));


               return sb;



    Any comments on this code? You think this is useful?

    It may be good to know in what order the events happen in a Page:

    1. Page_Load()
    2. The specific event for the clicked control (Button1_Click() for example)
    3. OnBubbleEvent()

  • [.NET 2.0] Visual Studio Tools for Office

    I've been attending a few VS.NET 2005 seminars now, and I'm quite curious about the stuff you can do with Visual Studio Tools for Office. It is interesting to use Word and Excel as clients because users know how to use these tools and the Actions Pane is the perfect place for simple controls to help the user fill in and submit a form or similar.

    If you're interested in stuff like this, check out the things available at the home page.