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  • Back from vacation

    Back from 2 weeks of vacation in Turkey (Alanya) - probably the best vacation we've had. Great hotel, great staff, great weather. Apart from waking up at 4:30am from the pre-recorded morning prayers they play out from the top of the minaretes at maximum volume every morning I've got nothing to complain on :)

    Just a pile of e-mails to dig through now.... yack.

    I got several mails from my friend Jan-Erik about news in JCP, guess I have to check them out.

  • Looking at WSRP and .NET?

    If you're building portlets and your selected portal platform has WSRP support, I recommend you to have a look at the WSRP toolkit for .NET from NetUnity. We've been evaluating it for a couple of weeks now and it seems to work pretty well. It plugs perfectly into the VisualStudio.NET IDE and the programming model is the same as if you were coding any ASP.NET web page or user control. You just add a few new attributes and have to remember that this is a portlet you're developing. Performance of WSRP is not optimal, considering the amount of data going between the consumer (portal) and the producer (the portlet web service), and remember that a WSRP portlet is not stateless.

    Personally I think the price for the dev license and the run time license it a bit too much, but it may be worth it for you. The WSRP producer also needs a proper database to keep track of state and a few other things (not sure exactly what, but anyway, a DB is a pre-req).