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  • Kid's Programming Language - KPL

    If you like coding and simple games and perhaps want to teach your kids (or yourself for that matter) how to code games - check out Kid's Programming Language. It's free, it's based on .NET 1.1, it comes with a decent color-coded editor and a bunch of sample game code, sounds and sprites. Including a fully functional Missile Command game in around 1500 lines of code. An Asteroids looking game can be downloaded.

    As you understand, the main focus of KPL seems to be to learn how to code by maknig games. Not a bad idea. I spent a few hours playing around with it and it's seriously fun. Anyone who knows just a little coding can make their own little game and version 2 of KLP will have full support for 3D.

  • Ultimate List of Free Windows Software from Microsoft

    Found this blog post on "The Road to Know Where" - a huge list of free and sometimes very useful tools and apps from Microsoft:

    Ultimate List of Free Windows Software from Microsoft
    Microsoft has over 150 FREE Windows Programs available for download -- but finding them all is extremely difficult. Until now, thanks to the Road to Know Where!

    A few favorites on that list are Open Command Window Here and Alt-Tab Replacement.