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  • Built Media Center PC, Streaming to Xbox

    It's been a while since I blogged anything now. Not that I've not had anything to blog about, but rather the other way around.

    During the holidays I built myself a new PC to run Media Center on, stuck a tuner card into it and set up my Xbox 360 as an extender. It works pretty well I must say. I'll write more about the custom PC later and things to think about when installing Media Center, transcoding movies and stuff. I didn't bother trying the Media Center version on Vista because I still have probs with device drivers for my printer, my scanner and a few other things :( Media Center Edition of XP works well for me I must say.

    Something you want to look at if you're into streaming divx videos from MCE to your Xbox is the Transcode 360 project avaiable at It's a must.