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  • Status of Messenger Services


    Yeah sure :)

    Is it just me or has the Messenger service been kind of flunky the last couple of days? I keep getting these 81000314 error codes all the time. Not even WebMessenger is working.

  • Better Log Formatting for CruiseControl.NET and MSBuild

    cruisecontrol This is just a blog post to bump the topic on search engines to help people using MSBuild and CruiseControl.NET to get to the right place. I personally recommend to use the "Improved MSBuild Integration" logging option by Christian Rodemyer. If you follow the instructions on this page, you'll get it right.

    You may also have to change the dashboard stylesheet somewhat if you want to add or remove smileys or other GUI-related things depending on the results from unit testing etc, but the output in the CruiseControl dashboard is nice and clean.

  • How to Update Google Chrome

    googlechromeSo you've downloaded and installed the beta of Google Chrome and found that that Ajax story of Chrome isn't the best? You're thinking that the Google guys must have fixed it by now and you start looking for news related to Chrome on * but finds nothing... a bit frustrating to me at least.

    Then you find out there's no obvious way to "Check for update..." in the Chrome app itself - unless there's actually a new version available! The trick is to click the "Customize and Control Google Chrome" button and look at the "About Google Chrome..." dialog, which will check to see if there's a new version available. If there is, it'll look something like this down at the bottom of said dialog:


    Dave Taylor has written a nice detailed blog post about it, that's how I found out. Thanks Dave!

    If anyone knows of an RSS feed, or official site to get news about Chrome updates, I'd love to get that URL.

    UPDATE: It seems that the best URL is "The Official Google Blog" on which unfortunately doesn't seem to use categories or tags unless I'm not blind. Would have been nice to have a Chrome category/tag as I'm not that interested in Picasa and the Democratic National Convention... :/

    Now I just hope the introduction of Google Chrome doesn't lead into another browser war with website-breaking features like those we've had so many problems with before.

  • Google Chrome and Facebook...

    googlechrome just not working as it should. There are major Ajax problems in that browser. I know, it came out like this week, but they talk much about the rigorous testing they go through and how Chrome should work well on popular sites. Well Facebook should count as quite popular I guess.

    I'm sure it'll be fixed very quick, and other than that - the browser seems to work pretty well. The UI feels clean and bare-bone, and occationally it feels somewhat faster.

    I like the Google Chrome story they made, very cool.

  • Sorry, Deleting Your Account Can Not be Done Easily at the Moment

    image That's the message I got from the people at a free wiki hosting site when I asked them to terminate my account. I'm thinking their wiki-system is either a mad hack with database dependencies all over the place, or they just want to keep their member count up...

    They told me to "go to Account settings and disable everything you can find there"...

    Sigh... what to say? I was invited by a friend for a project of his. I know this situation is not unusual, and sometimes it can be hard (like removing yourself from Facebook before they made it much easier due to the massive preassure from the users), but things like this upsets me.

    I guess I have to blame myself for registering there in the first place and I guess it's more or less a fact that if you register yourself at a (most often free) site on the Internet, expect to get a number of newsletters and stuff from that site eventually and don't expect it to be easy to terminate your account.

  • Hug a Developer

    This video gave me a few laughs :)