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  • Windows 7 Release Candidate Availability

    Windows 7 BetaGlad to read about the upcoming RC release of Windows 7. Just wondering how I should “migrate” to the RC from by current beta as I’ve spent days and days to get it in pretty good shape. Lots of job, but Win7 is just worth it.

    From the Askperf webby:

    We now have some dates that we can share with you.  The RC build is slated to be available for download by MSDN / TechNet subscribers this Thursday (April 30, 2009).  Broader, public availability will begin the following Tuesday (May 5, 2009).  If you haven’t already started using Windows 7, there are plenty of changes since the Beta release.  You can read more about these changes in the following posts from the Engineering Windows 7 blog: Some Changes Since Beta for the RC and A few more changes from Beta to RC…

  • Restored 64-bit Windows 7 Beta from Windows Home Server Backup on a DELL Laptop

    Windows 7 BetaThe HD of the new DELL Precision M4400 I have crashed, burned and died yesterday. I heard the screams 3 rooms away while drinking my morning coffee. It was horrific.

    Luckily it was powered on during the night, so the Windows Home Server (WHS) had a full backup. Had a few probs though:

    - the recovery cd didn’t have network drivers for my LAN card

    - the drivers stored in the special folder on the backup were 64-bit, which isn’t supported by the recovery cd (DUH!!)

    - had to download 32-bit drivers from DELL and put on USB drive

    Tip: make sure your c-drive matches the size of the backup, and create a “dummy” FAT recovery partition on your new HD which mimics the DELL RECOVERY partition. Also, make sure your USB drive is disconnected once you don’t need it anymore. Make sure it’s disconnected before you finish the backup. Also, eject the recovery cd when rebooting, just to be sure! I had to do the restore 3 times before it managed to make my c-drive bootable! Quite annoying…

  • 7-Zip on 64 Bit Windows 7 Beta

    7ziplogo I’m having problems in my 64 bit Windows 7 beta with the built in support for unzipping zip-files containing *lots* of files. It often hangs near the end and I have to reboot to sort things out.

    Downloaded 64 bit version of 7-Zip and it work fine – so far. You might want to try that one out if you have the same problems. Eventually it may also hang, but I’ll try it for a while and shout out if I notice any probs.

  • Writespace in Other Languages

    WritespaceSome time ago I noticed a peak in Writespace downloads and I started to get some emails from people with requests for new features and stuff, which is fun. I saw from the stats that Lifehacker had a couple of articles on Writespace, as well as Danish PC-World, some Japanese site (I have no idea what the site is about :) and a few other places.

    I had no idea if Writespace actually worked in Japanese, but apparently it does!


    Writespace on Lifehacker Writespace in Danish   Writespace in Japanese

    If I get some time for it I’ll release a Word 2003 version and add a few of the requested new features.

  • Fill a Select/Option from Json with jQuery

    aspnetMore jQuery and Json…

    To fill a listbox (select) with items from a Json call.

    I got this helper class to handle the options/items:

    public class SelectOption
        public String Value { get; set; }
        public String Text { get; set; }

    A sample action/method in ASP.NET MVC that returns Json:

    public JsonResult GetJson()
        var list = new List<SelectOption>
                           new SelectOption { Value = "1", Text = "Aron" },
                           new SelectOption { Value = "2", Text = "Bob" },
                           new SelectOption { Value = "3", Text = "Charlie" },
                           new SelectOption { Value = "4", Text = "David" }
        return Json(list);

    Some HTML and jQuery to fill the list at page load:

        <select id="MyList" />
        <script type="text/javascript">
            $(document).ready(function() {
                $.getJSON("/Json/GetJson", null, function(data) {
            $.fn.addItems = function(data) {
                return this.each(function() {
                    var list = this;
                    $.each(data, function(index, itemData) {
                        var option = new Option(itemData.Text, itemData.Value);
            $("#MyList").change(function() {
                alert('you selected ' + $(this).val());
  • Json, jQuery and ASP.NET MVC

    aspnetI’m stacking a few things here related to Json, jQuery and ASP.NET MVC so that I can get to them later on.

    JQuery to grab some Json when a web page is loaded:

    $(document).ready(function() {
        $.getJSON("/MyController/MyJsonAction", null, function(data) {
    //do stuff with data here
    }); });

    The smallish code in the ASP.NET MVC controller:

    public JsonResult GetJson()


        return Json(GetList());


    It’s possible to use anonymous types with Json() as well, which is very useful but may be harder to unit test.