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  • MSBuild's dirty little secret...

    Something that Microsoft's been failing to note in all the hype over MSBuild, is that Whidbey will not have MSBuild support in the C++ IDE.  I attended the MSBuild session, and this most certainly was not mentioned (a glaring omission, I believe).  It only came up in a casual conversion with an MS Staffer when I mentioned how psyched I was about this tool and how it was going to make my life easier, when he got a chagrined look on his face and admitted that there was no C++ IDE support for MSBuild.

  • MSBuild

    I usually end up doing the build and release engineering on whatever project I am on, so I’m actually a bit excited by MSBuild.  True, it’s a nAnt copy, which is, in turn, a copy of Ant, but what is imitation if not the most sincere form of flattery? (I’m relatively certain that MS didn’t use this line in the anti-trust suit.)

  • Weblogger BoF

    Well, a few other people have posted about the Weblogger's BoF, with mostly good stuff to say.  Frankly, I was rather disappointed.  I realize that bloggers are by nature “Type A” personalities, but c'mon!  Clemens Vasters talked far too much about himself (really!).  He also spent far too much time gloating over how much Das Blog is better than .Text. Perhaps it was in jest, perhaps not, it was difficult to tell.  It was also difficult to hear anyone else speak, as Vasters did not often yield the floor.

  • Destination... PDC

    Like most other people have mentioned, getting into LA today has been an adventure - 1 hour flight delay for me in Atlanta waiting for weather to clear, and then another hassle coming into LA becuase of the problem with the forest fires - apparently, the fires weren't a threat to LAX, but to a 'flight control facility' located elsewere, and there weren't enough flight controllers to handle the traffic into the LA area.  Fortunately for me, my flight was carrying precious cargo (To be specific, we had human kidneys on board being transported for a transplant).  That gave us priority to land at LAX, and so here I am at the Wilshire Grand.  If anyone wants to ring me, just call the Wilshire (rm 1082).

  • Inside Information

    Chris Sells blogs on getting the inside scoop.  Particularly, he points out that he occasionally used to ask friends inside Microsoft for info, after exhausting other reasonable means.

  • Whidbey brings 64-bit .NET

    One of the often overlooked advantages of the .NET platform when compared to traditional compiled code is that JIT-ed code can be optimized at run time, vs. compile time.