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  • There are more tools than just VS.NET

    Kirk Allen Evans has an excellent post on Change Control.  He points out that many software developers view change control as synonymous with Visual Source Safe, and leave things at that.  He's correct in that there's much more to Change Control than source code control, and that Rational's solutions are only useful for those few cash-rich shops that can afford it.

  • Does your project have a Heartbeat?

    I often talk to people in small software shops who are violating some of the fundamental tenants of modern software development.  Today I'd like to visit a topic that everyone knows about, but few people practice properly.  And no, I'm not talking about flossing.

  • VS.NET doesn't wash the dishes...

    I was a bit surprised reading Robert McLaw's recent complaints about his problems building deployment solutions for his software products.  As a tool vendor himself, he should realize that Visual Studio is not meant to be the be-all end-all in tools.  Sure, it offers an extremely rudimentary means of creating installer projects, but it isn't suitable for anything but the most basic of installations.  If you want a robust installer, purchase a robust tool for creating them.  (I see now that he's taking a look at a few solutions).