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  • Mark custom .NET Exceptions as [Serializable]

    The two people that read my blog (besides my sister) know this already, but if you author a class library, please mark all classes deriving from Exception (or even better, ApplicationException) as [Serializable].  If I am using your library on the other side of a remoting channel, non-Serializable exceptions will cause me much heartache.

  • Web Scraping in ASP.NET

    I know that there are other samples of web scraping out there, but here's mine.  One of my customers asked me how to scrape our ASP.NET Web application, so I though that I might post the example code.  I like the viewstate regex - it's my first time using lookarounds in a regular expression.

  • The Wild, Wild West - Undocumented APIs

    Larry Osterman and Raymond Chen are constantly pointing out that third party developers use undocumented APIs and implementation side effects of the Windows APIs, and other OS internal details.  A common refrain among developers is that such things shouldn't be done, and Microsoft shouldn't be afraid to 'break' applications that dare to use undocumented features.