Schwan's has a nice ASP.NET application

I don't know if you have "the Schwan guy" in your neighborhood or not, but Stephanie and I order Schwan's regularly. The food quality is generally pretty good, and a lot of it makes for above-average convenience food that you can easily throw in the oven. I'm particularly fond of the Hot N' Spicy Chicken Breast. It's kind of like what they have at Wendy's, only they're generally a lot bigger.

I've built more than a few shopping cart apps, and the thing I like about this one is the placement of your cart right there in the page. It also will track favorite items and such for you. If you have a catalog or know their sku's by heart (they're all three digits long), you can bang out a "quick order" very quickly.

It's always neat to see high-profile apps built on the same platform you use. Others that have impressed me include Bank One and Weight Watchers.

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