POP Forums 7.5.0 beta 2 posted

POP Forums 7.5.0 beta 2 has been posted to http://www.popforums.com/downloads.htm

This beta fixes minor bugs from the first, and the text parser in particular generates very nearly correct XHTML every time (or at least it passes the unit tests!). I expect this will be a short beta cycle before final release. Thanks to the cats that posted to my blog for at the very least inspiring me in the right direction on certain issues.

This release is a point release intended to fix some of the problems associated with v7.0.x of the core engine and v7.1.0 of the "feature" UI package. A more comprehensive update to v8.0 is slated for release when v2.0 of Microsoft's ASP.NET may be licensed for use in production environments (this is expected to be some time in the first quarter of 2005).

The following outlines the changes in this version:

Engine changes from v7.0.x to v7.5.0

  • New text parsing engine
  • Removed PopForums.Global class
  • Added PopForums.Module HttpModule class to replace global.asax functionality
  • Added PopForums.OnlineUsers class 
  • Five methods from PopForums.Stats marked obsolete, replaced in OnlineUsers
  • New online user engine
  • Added OnlineUsers table
  • Added "PopForumsSessionLength" to config settings, indicating number of minutes in a user session as tracked by OnlineUsers
  • Added new PopForums.Forum.GetTopics() overload to get paged results 
  • RichText control displays in Windows 2000
  • Old PopForums.TextParser methods marked obsolete, new ones added
UI changes v7.1.0 to v7.5.0
  •   Fixed member post paging
  • Online user stats now draw from PopForums.OnlineUsers 
  • Added RequiredFieldValidator to SendPrivateMessage.ascx to check for a subject
  • PM reply doesn't add endless string of "re:"
  • Removed global.asax entirely
  • Fixed PagerLinks.cs to correctly display tool tips
  • Added PagedPagerLinks.cs to display paged results from new PopForums.Forum.GetTopics() overload
  • Made the member mailer text box in the admin bigger

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