Performance tweaking is fun!

CliqueSite.Ads is coming along, finally. My intent to date has just been to make it work and perform well enough to meet my needs. It does that no problem, but I'm ready to really beat on it and tweak it a bit.

So far my biggest bottleneck is in checking for frequency and session capping. It drags down performance to about 20% of what it can do otherwise. I'm not surprised, really, because it's checking user data against the entire impression table. I'm not sure how I'm going to overcome that. I could do something in-memory for the session tracking, but then I couldn't use it in a farm. The overall frequency capping has to be in one place. Regardless, there's no reason in either case to have to do that count every time. I'll have to think about a faster way to profile users.

I like tweaking stuff and even refactoring big parts of an app to work faster. That explains why I briefly got addicted to overclocking my computer (before I realized that I was already getting framerates higher than my monitor could display in Doom 3).

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