Jamie wants your money... get over it

I'm not going to call out any particular blogger on this, but there appears to be a lot of bitching and moaning since Jamie Cansdale announced he was going to begin charging for commercial use of TestDriven.NET. I say, get over it.

For the record, I don't even use his tool, but I 100% appreciate his position, and I think he's going about things the right way. Most of us develop stuff that we put out there to solve some problem for ourselves. Giving it to the world is a secondary consideration at first, but in the long term we can see ourselves getting sucked into the role of supporting it as if it were our jobs. Eventually, I think the touchy-feely warm fuzzies we feel over that turn into, "Wow, sure would be nice if I was compensated for that." I for one value my time, so why do people freak out when someone asks others to value theirs?

I know that I'm finally making a little progress on POP Forums v8, and I'll be straight with you... I don't know if I want to outright give it away this time. In the earliest days, I wrote it for a couple of my sites, then started selling it, then I started giving it away after the .NET conversion. With a total rewrite in the works, and the substantial amount of time involved in doing that, I sure want others to be able to use it, but I'm not sure if I want to just get a pat on the back for my work. I've got bills to pay!

Good software, stuff you value... don't be too shy to pay for it.

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