Missing TechTV

Leo says he'd love to do a TechTV reunion. God do I miss that channel. I sat down to watch The Screen Savers pretty much every weekday for almost three years. I couldn't get enough of it! The personalities on that show were top notch geeks. Over the years we always had Leo and Patrick, then later Kevin, plus Megan, Jessica and Sarah. Yoshi, Roger and Robert contributed good stuff, and even Martin was entertaining to some degree.

But G4 and Comcast hosed the channel, and they deserve the crappy ratings they're getting.

Pirillo and Scoble have differing views on what made TechTV great, and what is good about life after the network. I tend to agree with Scoble. It might be sad that I don't get The Screen Savers in my living room every night, but I don't think it's hard to argue that This Week in Tech, Digital Life TV and Digg owe their roots to the demise of the network. The sum of these things are far greater than TechTV ever was, or likely could have been.

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