New job at Microsoft (and see you at Mix!)

After almost a year and a half, I'm leaving my dev position in Server and Tools Online to be a program manager in the SQL Azure BI organization. My motivation for the change probably doesn't matter much to people reading this blog, but I will say that I'll greatly miss the people I worked with in STO. As a Web code monkey, it's not often that you get to work on super-high traffic apps (like the MSDN/TechNet forums) or build totally new stuff like the recognition/reputation service that you're already seeing in the code galleries. The recognition system is all Azure based, too, which was pretty neat.

I can't really say what I'm going to work on just yet, but will say that it immediately struck me as interesting. I technically start Monday, but since I'll be at Mix (you're going, right?), I won't even see the new office until Friday.

Speaking of Mix, I'll be at the Open Source Fest on Monday night, showing POP Forums. Dare I say that I might even have the release candidate ready by then. Hooray! Hope to see you there. This looks like one of the strongest agendas yet.

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