POP Forums v13.0.0 released for ASP.NET MVC!

Yes, it has been entirely too long since the last release, but v13 is here, and it's a big one! This is the first release here on GitHub.

Get the bits: https://github.com/POPWorldMedia/POPForums/releases

Demo: http://popforums.com/Forums


Run the PopForums12.xto13.0.sql script against your database, which is found in the PopForums.Data.SqlSingleWebServer project.

What's new?

  • Completely revised UI uses Bootstrap, replaces separate mobile views.
  • New Q&A style forums.
  • Preview your posts for formatting.
  • Social logins using OWIN 2.x.
  • StructureMap replaces Ninject for dependency injection.
  • Admins can permanently delete a topic.
  • Facebook and Twitter links added to profiles.
  • IP ban works on partial matches.
  • Bug: Initial user creation didn't salt passwords (Codeplex 131)
  • Bug: Replies not triggering reindex for topics (#4).
  • Bug: LastReadService often called from Post action of ForumController without user, throws null ref (#1).
  • Bug: Reply and quote buttons appear in posts even when the topic is closed (#8).
  • Bug: When email verify is on, changing email does not set IsApproved to false (#10).
  • Bug: Image controller throws when Googlebot sends a weird If-Modified-Since header (#13).
  • Bug: Reply or new topic can be added to archived forum via direct POST outside of UI (#15).
  • Bug: Multiple entries to last forum and topic view tables causing exception when reading values into dictionary (#17).
  • Experimental: Support for multiple instances in Azure with shared Redis cache (not production ready).

Known issues


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