POP Forums v16 released for use with ASP.NET Core v3.1

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The v16 release concentrates on performance and optimization, along with significant refactoring and bug fixes. Forthcoming releases will focus on UI refinement and modernization. Also note that the documentation is now in the repo itself as markdown, and is published to https://popworldmedia.github.io/POPForums/


There are a number of schema changes in this release. Run the PopForums15to16.sql script included in the PopForums.Sql project manually against your existing database. If you're starting from nothing, check the documentation for those instructions.

What's new?

  • Update to .Net Core v3.1. #151
  • Redis connection failures recorded as "information" instead of "error." #162
  • Optimize user objects and caching. #44
  • Using "page" in routes can potentially interfere with Razor pages. #150
  • Close dormant threads on a background job. #67
  • Allow topic author to edit title. #80
  • Refactor all the things to async/await. #132
  • Refactor external logins to decouple from Identity (uses POP Identity). #140
  • Cleanup startup configuration. #129
  • Refactor the posting service classes. #121
  • Cleanup unused methods and tests. #133
  • Add unique constraints for user name and email. #144
  • Add ReCAPTCHA option for login. #143
  • Update to a stronger hash algorithm for passwords. #142
  • Reintroduce profile caching. #148
  • BUG: Failed reply doesn't wire up error message and attempts to redirect. #160
  • BUG: Delete, undelete, hard delete doesn't remove from search index. #154
  • BUG: Give background job to delete indexed words in self-rolled search more time. #149
  • BUG: Creation of Redis connection not thread safe, possible race condition. #135
  • BUG: Delete/undelete does not trigger a search reindex. #136
  • BUG: Search indexer Azure function does not respect settings for provider setting. #137
  • BUG: External login list has duplicate entries for description. #139

Known Issues

I was hoping to have the Azure Functions live as part of the Azure Kit library, but the SDK as of the time of publish could not reliably scan the assembly for functions and create the manifest. So if you're using Azure Functions, you'll have to either use that project directly or derive from it.

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