POP Forums v17 released

Get the fresh bits here:


The commercially hosted version is here:


The v17 release continues to concentrate on performance and optimization, along with significant refactoring and bug fixes. Forthcoming releases will focus on UI refinement and modernization. The documentation is here: https://popworldmedia.github.io/POPForums/


There are no schema changes in this release. To upgrade from v15, run the PopForums15to16.sql script included in the PopForums.Sql project manually against your existing database. If you're starting from nothing, check the documentation for those instructions.

What's new?

  • Rename AwsKit project to ElasticKit. #184
  • Add alerts for admin errors. #152
  • Use the right Bootstrap color context on email verification. #195
  • Add configuration for entirely private forum. #86
  • Use the HTML quoting in post edit box instead of forum tags. #201
  • Generate site maps for all topics. #199
  • Audit CSS and use Bootstrap when possible. #186
  • Search for user on enter on admin user edit page. #194
  • Use hashing mechanism for topic unsubscribes, the way mailing list works. #189
  • Migrate to Microsoft.Azure.Storage pacakges from Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Storage. #182
  • Use Bootstrap hidden utilities to hide elements on mobile. #181
  • Move recent and feed links to navigation bar. #187
  • Embrace IHttpContextAccessor in user shim. #176
  • Add a telemetry interface for Redis cache, but don't implement it. #185
  • Use contrasting colors for new post indicators. #179
  • Refresh user profiles. #174
  • Improve ElasticSearch for proper resiliency, add API key ability. #173
  • Log search service errors. #171
  • BUG: User profile tabs have wrong background for activity and awards. #172
  • BUG: Avatars and signatures not appearing for anonymous user. #197
  • BUG: Pasted URL's paste as links, parser can't shorten the text. #163
  • BUG: Formatting in quoted posts sometimes causes portions of post to get parsed out. #198
  • BUG: LastTopicView could have duplicate entries. #202

Known Issues

  • I was hoping to have the Azure Functions live as part of the Azure Kit library, but the SDK as of the time of publish still could not reliably scan the assembly for functions and create the manifest. So if you're using Azure Functions, you'll have to either use that project directly or derive from it.

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