POP Forums v18 release for .NET 6, same day!

This is the fastest release I've had the pleasure of posting to Github in the modern .NET era. Congratulations to all of the product teams, from frameworks to SDK's to Azure, for getting it all out at the same time and in awesome shape. Truth be told, most of this was done two weeks ago on the RC bits. Well done, everyone!

The release is available here:


The v18 release continues to concentrate on performance and optimization, refactoring and bug fixes. Most notably, this release takes advantage of the latest .NET bits, and in moving to Bootstrap 5, removes dependencies on jQuery. The documentation is here: https://popworldmedia.github.io/POPForums/


There are no schema changes in this release. To upgrade from v15, run the PopForums15to16.sql script included in the PopForums.Sql project manually against your existing database. If you're starting from nothing, check the documentation for those instructions.

What's New?

  • Update to .NET 6. #211
  • Migrate to Bootstrap v5. #215
  • Eliminate dependencies on jQuery. #216
  • Migrate admin to Vue.js v3. #232
  • Embrace C# concepts. #249
  • Use crop mode for avatars when they're uploaded. #239
  • Update text parser to default to https on www URL's. #248
  • Trim IP and email ban entries before saving. #222
  • Remove dependency on Newtonsoft serializer for controllers with enums. #247
  • Add a security policy. #238
  • Update AzureKit to use modern libraries. #226
  • Put a cache sink in Redis CacheHelper in AzureKit. #231
  • Update Redis CacheHelper to use System.Text.Json when it's compatible. #169
  • Discontinue use of PopForums.json for config, use default instead. #225
  • BUG: Mailing list unsubscribe doesn't decode spaces from URL's. #237
  • BUG: CSS needs case sensitive path for Linux environments. #228
  • BUG: SmtpWrapper doesn't catch connections or auth exceptions. #237
  • BUG: Bots causing null ref exception in TopicViewCountService when trying to fetch cookies. #210
  • BUG: Setup stopped working in a previous version. #244
  • BUG: Text parser fails on URL's with multiples protocol instances (like those from web archive). #233

Known Issues


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