POP Forums v19 for ASP.NET released

Get the latest bits here: https://github.com/POPWorldMedia/POPForums/releases/tag/v19.0.0

This is one of the biggest feature releases in POP Forums history, and also involves significantly new front-end architecture. The v19 release introduces a notification system, image uploading, better post quoting, private messaging has been turned into real-time chat, and more. The documentation is here: https://popworldmedia.github.io/POPForums/


To upgrade from v16 or later, run the PopForums16to19.sql script included in the PopForums.Sql project manually against your existing database. You will also have to manually purge all of your PM history (the pf_PrivateMessage table), as the new chat-based system is not compatible. If you're starting from nothing, check the documentation for those instructions.

What's new?

  • Image upload in posts #109
  • Create notification system #265
  • Change PM system to real-time chat #304
  • Refine post quoting to reduce full-post quotes #283
  • Clean up old notifications #298
  • Refresh and expand iconography #300
  • Migrate from email based subscriptions to in-app notification #264
  • Remove email subscriptions #276
  • Update PM count in real-time #275
  • New setting: reply-to email address #252
  • Offer view of recent users in admin for spam monitoring #258
  • Don't show user profiles for unverified accounts #263
  • Include prompts to verify account where necessary #266
  • Allow vote up reversal #287
  • Use a reactive state box as base for new features #269
  • Remove composite activity feed #299
  • Use fulltext editor for profile signatures #291
  • Decommission email from profile #310
  • Add option to write error log to table storage #314
  • Refactor: Move all of the client stuff to the Mvc project, ditch the npm package #285
  • Refactor: Update MailKit library to v3.x #268
  • Refactor: Update ImageSharp library to v2.x #267
  • Refactor: Update TinyMCE library to v6.x #274
  • Refactor: DateTime parsing on client using server localization, with DST #188
  • Refactor: Create proper client-side localization mechanism #293
  • Refactor: Migrate old PopForums.js to a more manageable, not-spaghetti, TypeScript base #286
  • Refactor: Clean up on aisle admin #295
  • Refactor: Exclude bots from session tracking #301
  • Refactor: Signalr hub consolidation #312
  • BUG: New SqlCommand can't parse setup script without semicolons #288
  • BUG: Scroll to newest misses target because of inline images loading #290
  • BUG: Infinite scroll repositions back to hash when more posts load #257
  • BUG: New topic or reply fails if using Azure queues and they fail #284

Known issues


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