POP Forums v9.2 posted to CodePlex, with new languages, post voting and the scoring game

POP Forums v9.2.0 is the third release for the ASP.NET MVC3 version of POP Forums. It is feature complete, stable, and ready for feedback. For previous release notes, see previous releases.

Check out the live preview: http://popforums.com/Forums

Setup instructions are available in the documentation section.


If you're upgrading from v9.0 or v9.1, simply replace the existing files. You'll also have to run the PopForums4.xto4.2.sql SQL script against your existing database. That script can be found in the database project. It adds a number of new fields and tables.

What's new?

  • Localization: The app can now be easily translated. .resx files included for Dutch (nl) and German (de) so far, in addition to the core English. Can you help with another translation? Contact jeff@popw.com.
  • Vote up posts: Give credit to people who make good posts, see who voted on each post.
  • The Scoring Game: Extensible system that allows you to give users points, and issue awards based on repeated events. For example, you can set up awards based on a number of new posts or topics (both of which record these events).
  • Fix: Weird line breaks in lists when posting from Firefox parsed correctly.

What's next?

We'll get some sample documents around how you can use the scoring game functionality in your own application. Feel free to submit feature requests to the issue tracker or on the sample forum. We're particularly interested to hear if you have any desire for installation via NuGet, and if there's a desire to use a SQL CE database.

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