POP Forums v9 Release Candidate for ASP.NET MVC 3 posted to CodePlex!

Get the goodies here: http://popforums.codeplex.com/releases/view/63550

Release Notes

This is the release candidate for the ASP.NET MVC3 version of POP Forums. It is considered feature complete, stable, and ready for testing and feedback. For previous release notes, see previous releases.

Check out the live preview: http://preview.popforums.com/Forums

Setup instructions are available in the documentation section.

What's new in the RC? Since the second beta:

  • Database, e-mail and user setup added at /Forum/Setup, for easier install.
  • Dynamic loading of more posts, before and after the current page, with updated pager links as it goes.
  • Fix: Post paging was including deleted posts in counts, causing blank pages.
  • Fix: Image insertion was throwing a script error.
  • Fix: Image button appeared when inline images were disabled.
  • Fix: Text parser ignored img tags with TinyMCE attributes.
  • Refactored background processes to not initialize if the DB connection was broken (because it brought down the entire process).
  • Removed pinned topics from recent sort criteria.
  • Changed forum layout page to in turn use another layout page, for easier integration.
  • CSS/jQuery tweak to apply class to inline images, mostly to enforce max width.

What's next?

The app is running in production on MouseZoom today, so it's being actively tested. With this testing, and your feedback, the final version should be ready very soon.

Other notes

This is it... we're almost there! No features will be added at this point, and no major code reorganization will occur. Any changes at this point will be made only to fix bugs. It's more or less production ready.

I have been asked about a different data layer, particularly for use in Web farms or in Azure across many role instances. I'm looking into it, and I suspect I'll wait until the AppFabric caching is better defined. There's a detailed article in MSDN Magazine that I need to really read through, but it shouldn't be hard to do. The project is loosely coupled in terms of data access.


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