The role I've been looking for

Last week I started a new job in an architecture role with a small company that does mostly marketing Web sites for some brands you absolutely know. I'm not sure yet if I should say who they are because I don't want to presume to speak for them in any way. Regardless, I've been looking for a position like this for a very long time.

I'm in a place where hands-on coding will not likely be something I do frequently. I'm responsible for developing standards, mentoring young Jedis, transforming the company from a project culture to a platform culture and looking for opportunities to realize certain business efficiencies when it comes to helping the company grow.

I willingly took a pay cut for this gig. I know I could get more doing some crappy hourly nonsense. But I very much wanted to engage in something that was interesting and challenging to me. I think this is that job. It's interesting how just having the responsibility seems to change the way you think. I was thinking a little about an issue in one of my own projects, and the answers were obvious because of the way the job forces me to think.

This Internet thing continues to lead me on a great many adventures. I wonder what this one will bring.

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