New Home Improvement StackExchange site coming soon

I am really excited about the new Home Improvement StackExchange site that is coming up on its beta release.  This is a new site based off of the very popular StackOverflow site that will be targeted toward home improvement for contractors and (serious) DIY'ers. When I am not programming I am working on my house in some way so I am looking forward to learning a lot from other users but also maybe being able to help some people out.

If you haven’t seen the StackExchange Area 51 you should go check it out too.  StackExchange was put together about 6 months ago as a way for people to pay for their own Question and Answer site just like StackOverflow.  But a lot of the started StackExchange sites became stagnant.  So Area 51 was developed to let people propose new sites they would like and then only allow them to be created when enough people have committed to the site.

Currently the Home Improvement site is in the commitment phase (up to 74% complete).  As soon as enough people have committed to it to hit 100% then it will start the private beta and then the public beta.  If you commit to the site, then you get to be part of the private beta.

So if you are interested in an awesome Home Improvement site just like StackOverflow then head over to the Area 51 Home Improvement proposal and commit to it.

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