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  • Back in the Saddle

    Back to the grind. Actually, I've been back to the grind for weeks but haven't been blogging due to time constraints. 2007 ended with a fender bender followed by my eldest daughter going to the hospital in East Podunk New Hampshire with 105 F fever and pneumonia. She's much better and the folks were nice enough if not exactly happy to be there on Christmas Day. Then 2008 started with my dog being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. She had to be euthenized immediately because a tumor had completely blocked her esphagus preventing her from ever eating again. That really sucked since my wife had never lost an animal before. Bad day. Then my youngest daughter went in for major surgery three days later. It was planned but she wasn't drinking enough on her own after surgery so she had to stay in the hospital for an extry day (3 total). Thank God it was at Johns Hopkins, agruably the best hospital in the world. A far cry from the places we spent nightmare days in China. Then I get my first speeding ticket in YEARS. Not exactly a slap on the face, more of a flick on the ear.