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  • Content Query Web Part Customization Overview

    Oskar asked me today if I could walk some folks on his team through what can be done with the CQWP out of the box with no code. So before I write that up tonight, I figured I'd quickly describe what I know how to do and what I don't. Unfortunately, the later list is larger and more formidable than the former.

  • MOSS Configuration Certification Study Links - 70-630

    I'm currently going through some study materials for the 70-630 exam. I think it's going to take a pretty long time before I am there because my foundational knowledge of this technology is still pretty slim. At any rate, I located a bunch of tech-net links describing Shared Service Providers and security. Here they are in no particular order. I intend to walk through each of these as I have time (hence the time to get the cert). If I have the time and patience and I find other links I'll pass them on as well.

  • New BI and SharePoint Blog

    Have you ever had one of those guys who you could ask any technology question to and he'd know the answer right off? Like he had just did this very same thing 20 minutes ago and could rattle off what it took to make it happen? That's Tad. And now he's blogging. Some of his friends have been on him to do this for a long time but I'm glad to say he's finally out here in space. I look forward to watching his content...

  • SQL Server Management Studio Double Vision

    Took a second to realize what the heck was going on here. I think that this was due to a number of tries at installing VS 2008 and some MS BI tools and then uninstalling VS 05 and then putting it back. Everything still works but the UI looks like something out of 1992...

  • Two New Tools for SharePoint Development

    Some colleagues have recently turned me on to two new tools for SharePoint development. Both fit perfectly my personal analogy of what software should be. For me, its a tool that gets the job done. The better the tool, the less you notice it. Think journeyman carpenter with expensive hammer. He just gets the job done better and faster and doesn't spend a lot of time admiring his tool. ;)