• "You are developing on a MOSS VM, right?"
    No :)
    We are developing on a physical development server.  We're all sharing the same box.  We do this because the development server is hooked into AD, it has updated profiles, search works and is almost identical to production.
    We used to use a VM but that was too different from production and just led to many unforeseen errors.

  • There are some folks more senior to myself in terms of MOSS at my company that are working through the details of setting up and maintaining some MOSS Virtual Machines on a virtual server. The problem is that in a consulting capacity, there are a LOT of environments that you need to emulate and they can be mutually exclusive. Having the VM on a portable drive plugged into a hoss laptop you can actually work pretty effectively on-site or off-site. The problem of course is patching all those machines. I think the whole technology question of developing against MOSS and VPC's is still in its infancy. I'd love to hear how others are handling it.


  • I wrote an app to replace the warmup script on my own dev servers. The main advantage over the warm up script is that you don't need to edit a text file to build your URL list. Just run the application, and it finds all the Site Collections hosted on the local machine and warms them up.

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