Hola Mundo! - A translation service.

I got the idea of using the google translate page as a web service, and using that service in Speech2Blog.  Think about being able to speak and make posts in other languages, or to provide auto-translated RSS feeds (granted this will come with a performance costs, but at a huge gain for accessibility).  Here's the first step in the process -- a translation service that interacts with Google's translator.

The address is:


Here's a sample call:

com.restlessdelusions.www.Translate t = new ConsoleApplication1.com.restlessdelusions.www.Translate();
Console.WriteLine(t.TranslateEnglishSpanish("Hello world!"));

Note it currently only supports english->spanish, but this will change in the very near future, depracating the existing method (which will be left functional).

Another current limitation that will be fixed with the next revision is text size limits (currently limited to the size Google's textbox allows).

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