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  • Speech2Blog Plans

    I was all set to code for Speech2Blog, and work on an article I'm writing, but Whidbey doesn't want to play nice tonight. Unfortunately, this pushes back development of Speech2Blog quite a bit, as well as prevents me from working on the code portions of my article.  I did manage to get quite a bit ahead through the use of code from an external source; it looks like now the application is going to support the metablog api, which should remove the only-.text limitation.  I'm adding in lots more features, now that the app is evolving into something more than the proof-of-concept that Alpha 1 was. 

  • Whidbey - Hosed

    Whidbey finally gave up on my machine. All of the controls in the toolbox are greyed out, but I can copy controls from other forms onto the form I'm working on.  The properties dialog also is non-functional (greyed out). On the plus side, I'll get to test out the “Restore installation to its initial state” feature in Whidbey.  I'll update this post with the results of the attempted repair.

  • Whidbey Distributed Applications

    While exploring Whidbey, sometimes the most interesting features have a “This feature is not available in the Visual Studio 'Whidbey' Alpha release” teaser accompanying them.

  • Whidbey Gotchas

    So far, developing in Whidbey has been great, with one gotcha that I've seen so far.  I have a windows form, with 4 textboxes, 4 labels, and a couple of buttons.  Clicking on one of the textboxes, entering “Edit Properties Mode,” and changing the text property gets VS stuck in an exception loop. 

  • my first spoken post

    this is my first post from an application I am writing and to recognize speech and have it instantly show on your web log . it uses the speech API in longhorn. I will post an Alpha version as soon as I clean up the code , since it is so embarrassing right now. my initial results are pretty good and I can speak quite quickly without a great deal of corrections from the suggestions More information will come later.

  • Speech2Blog Alpha 1

    As promised, here's my first release of Speech2Blog. It will take your speech, and post it to a .Text weblog.  (Thanks Scott for clarification of the asmx address.) Since this is an Alpha release, here's the gotcha's:

  • Longhorn Sidebar RSS Howto

    Well, after trying to compile and run the RSS Newsfeed sidebar from MSDN, it threw an exception on explorer.  Notice the file “bullet.png” is not available on the web site, and just replacing it with another png file did not do the trick.

  • Longhorn Bug Reporting

    Well, since the WindowsBeta site doesn't accept bug reports this iteration, Microsoft recommends either the Longhorn public newsgroups: (a great source of information, with many a Microsoft employee posting helpful advice) or the Report Client on the Longhorn DVD 1 (x:\ReportClient\Microsoft Beta Client 1.1.msi). The funny thing is, in order to install it, you need .NET framework 1.1 installed. I am surprised that they didn't compile it to work with 1.2 (2.0). Suffice it to say, though, that once you do have it installed, you get a very clean looking reporting tool, and now you don't have to worry about a time limit to finish the bug report (or should I say "Windows Issue Report").  Here's to helping make a better product!

  • Namespace Management

    With all of the new classes in 2.0, I sometimes find myself guessing at the dll's in order to find out how to reference them in a project. Case in point: with the MONAD namespaces (System.Management) , I didn't realize that they were actually found in the “Program Files\Longhorn Command Shell Preview” folder.  Another point (from 1.1), the System.ComponentModel.Design namespace is actually held in System.Design.dll. I was recommended to use Reflector to search for the classes, but what about classes that are not included in the framework?

  • New Keyword: yield

    The new yield keyword lets you return a value from an enumerated method.  You can use this wherever either you can't use a ref or out param, or when you can't use a return value.

  • Whidbey Avalon Projects

    After installing Whidbey, and looking for some of those new Avalon projects under C# Projects, I realized that the Longhorn SDK actually installs additional project templates for Whidbey.