VS 2010 and deployments through IIS - MSDeploy here we come


I saw this posting on the webdevtools blog and was intrigued by its promise.

Deploying apps across multiple environments really sucks with IIS, especially when you have specialized setting for different servers in a web farm, or you have multiple people that need to be able to crank out different builds on demand.

Right now, we sync out files to different servers using ViceVersa, but it doesn't allow to do things like sql updates and it certainly doesn't help us when we want to rollout separate web.config settings for each different server.

I'm not a believer yet - just calling something 1-click publish gives me shivers of nasty behind the scenes messiness - but I truly hope it works as planned.  With all the fast and agile development going on, anything that makes deployment easiest, more efficient and more reliable is a really good thing.

This could be interesting...

More later - joel

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