Shoutcast.NET - Get Details From a Shoutcast Server

I have been using Shoutcast for a long time. And each and every time had to do the same stuff if i wanted to get details such as song title, current listener etc. So i decided to write a simple class library to make things easier. What you have to do in order to be able to use this library is to find out the exact url of your stream.

Let's say that it is :

Then at the end you add /admin.cgi?mode=viewxml&pass=YOURADMINPASS.

So the url becomes

Where YOURADMINPASS is the pass that you use to connect to the server. You pass the url to the constructor and you are ready to get the details! Below is an example. Replace StreamServerURL with yours.

The project is available at Codeplex. Link : Shoutcast.NET

PS Now i am writing an other version which does not requires the password but it gives access to fewer details. 

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