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It's finally nice to have a blog that actually belongs to a community of my own peers. I have been blogging using Google's Blogger for some time and I haven't really updated that site that much. I have been really busy between work and my family. Microsoft has been really generous to allow community members have their own blog space and even provide the Live Writer tool to conveniently post blog entries.  This is really sweet. You can get more information about setting up the Live Writer here.

I'm currently evaluating the free edition of the Community Server to see if we can leverage it for a project at work. Making it work in a Vista Business Edition is a bit challenging; none of my CSS and my images load. I have read quite a few post on what to do to make them load but so far to no avail. I have tried enabling the Static Content and that didn't seem to work.

Windows Features

I have also tried setting up the folder permissions and added Network Service to the list and that didn't go anywhere either. I have created a copy of the Web folder and placed it under my wwwroot folder and it still didn't work. I will just probably move on and install this on my Windows 2003 VM to continue evaluating this product.

I would like to personally thank Joe Stagner for setting up my account in weblogs.asp.net.  Till next time, remember, always check for null!

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