[link] mFeeds - Podcast feeds from any page with media links

I got a 30GB MP3 player for Christmas so this Podcasting thing is getting more interesting to me. I'd previously wanted a Podcast feed from the Pitchfork Media MP3 page. I'd even started building an application to build the RSS for me based on  Roy Osherove's Site-To-RSS code.

But today, Ben pointed me to mfeeds, which does the trick. It scrapes a given webpage and returns an RSS feed with enclosures which point to all the media the page links to. In other words, it makes a Podcast feed from any web page.

I pointed  mfeeds at the Pitchfork MP3s page and got my Pitchfork MP3's feed:  RSS

47 enclosures fetched... Yippee!!!

This is not the first time that Galloway Labs has been beaten to market on a utility, and I couldn't be happier.

mfeeds link via Ben Hammersley's Dangerous Precedent

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