Monoppix 1.0.6 Release

Monoppix is a bootable Linux CD that runs .NET applications on the Mono framework. It makes it easy to see your .NET code running on Linux without installing a thing.

Release Information

This is mostly a stack upgrade release. Here's what's included in Monoppix 1.0.6:

  • Monodoc, mcs, Mono, libgdiplus, gtk-sharp 1.06
  • Xsp 1.0.8
  • Monodevelop 0.51
  • Cairo 0.2
  • (continued support of MySQL 4.1.7)
  • Included .Net in Samples book (HTML format)
  • Improved desktop links
  • Monodevelop bug fixes
    • Application execution directly from monodevelop is now fixed
    • The project type images are now properly displayed

New Team Members

We've added some new team members - Perica Zivkovic and Mark Neustadt:

Perica brings us some Open Source development experience from his previous work with the iPodder project. He's made himself busy:

We asked Mark to join our team due to his great training contributions to the Monoppix community. He graciously accepted and moved all his content onto the site.

  • He's authored 7 beginner and 5 advanced Monoppix tutorials, ranging from an introduction to the environment all the way to desktop development (GtK#), MySQL, and XSP
  • Tutorials include video, source code, and developer manuals
  • We're seeing 20+ video downloads per day
  • Downloading a Live CD preconfigured with Mono on Linux is a pretty big shortcut to getting a look at Mono development, but Mark's video tutorials make it a 5 minute exercise. You just gotta see these things - they're really well done!


  • Monoppix was featured in the May Polish PC World Magazine cover DVD - 65K copies
  • Approximately 1500 ftp and BT downloads since March (probably many more that we can't track)


  • As always, please help seeding the torrent. We've pre-seeded pretty well this time, so downloads should be pretty quick
  • If you can provide an appropriate torrent tracker which is dedicated to legal software releases, let us know (current tracker is running off our site)
  • We'd like some input on roadmap. What would you like to see in future versions? We're hard at work on a 1.1.7 release, and it's looking like it's going to be really cool.
  • Give Monoppix a spin!

As always, you can contact the Monoppix team via the Monoppix bulletin board or via the contact link on my weblog.

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