Monoppix 1.1.8 - New Release

Monoppix 1.1.8 is live!

This is a big release, featuring WinForms support. Here are some screenshots of the exact same .NET WinForm EXE running on Linux and Windows (the same binary file no recompile required)[1]:


See Roiy's post on C# WinForms on Linux (using Monoppix) for more details on Monoppix WinForms. Mono's System.Windows.Forms support is pretty impressive - it no longer runs on Wine; rather it directly implements drawing functions through System.Drawing.

Release notes (via the Monoppix download page):

Latest release:    Monoppix v1.1.8.0 stable [ Torrent ]
The main new features of v1.1.8 are:
- mono 1.1.8
- libgdiplus 1.1.8
- xsp 1.0.9
- monodevelop 0.7
- Mplayer to allow viewing our tutorials from Monoppix
- Hello world video tutorial included in the image
Native mono Windows.Forms class libraries are available without wine thanks to Mono's v1.1.8 implementation.

This version is for now availabile only through torrent network but we expect our mirrors to be updated within next 24 hours. We would appreciate it if you can continue seeding the image for a while after you completed the download (we're bandwidth challenged!).
Feedback is always welcome, if you found bug, have ideas for improvements or need help then check our forum.

Direct download links will be available on our download page once the mirrors are ready (within 24 hours).
Until then, grab the torrent here: Monoppix 1.1.8 Torrent

[1] I think there is a widespread misconception that Mono can only compile .NET source. It can, but it can also execute .NET compiled code (MSIL). That means you can compile an application on Windows under Visual Studio, copy the EXE onto a Linux box with Mono installed, and run it under Mono. There are of course other requirements, like you can't be making Windows native PInvoke calls, Mono needs to have implemented all features you're using, etc., but there's no need to compile under Mono to run on Mono.

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