[quote] Play a Sony CD, Get a Rootkit Installed

Nice. Oddly enough, you may be safer with illegally copied music. I stopped buying music from online stores due to DRM restrictions preventing copies to more than 3 computers. I've got 5 CPU's just in my house right now.

My current music path is CD->CDex->MP3->Headphones. No Autoruns, thanks.

Mark Russinovich has discoverd that playing a Sony CD on his computer caused a rootkit to be installed. (A rootkit is a common technique for viruses and other malware to hide itself from detection.) In this case, the rootkit was hiding that the user now had Digital Rights Management software on the system... That’s way bad enough, but Mark also found that the rootkit was poorly implemented so that a user’s system could easily become unstable.

Source: Don Kiely - Play a Sony CD, Get a Rootkit Installed

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